BAC Training Tip - Proper Posture and Fit on Your Bike

Bicycling is an excellent aerobic workout, as well as a great way to strengthen the lower body and control your weight. Correct bike fit is very important. A poorly fit bicycle makes a bicyclist more vulnerable to repetitive motion injuries and bicycle-related pain, particularly in the knees, back and neck.

Check your Angles! The first step in making sure your bike fits properly is to check your body positioning.

Trunk Shoulder Knee
Recreational Bike 40-80 degrees 80-90 degrees 34-45 degrees
Road Bike 30-40 degrees 90-100 degrees 30-35 degrees

Handlebars - Handlebar position will affect yoru hand, shoulder, neck and back comfort as well as the handling of your bike. For the road cyclist, proper handlebar positioning can improve your speed through better aerodynamics.

Saddle - The saddle on your bike should be level - not tipping forward or backward. It should also be a comfortable distance from the handlebars so that you are not placing too much weight on your arms or mid-back.

Pedals - Make sure the ball of your foot is directly over the pedal spindle for the best leverage, comfort and efficiency.

Recreational Bike Fit


Road Bike Fit

Road Bike Fit

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