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$20 Deposit Payment Information
Please note that you must pay a $20 deposit to guarantee your Boot Camp Registration. If you choose not to include your credit card information on this form, you may mail or drop off your deposit payment to Berthoud Athletic Club. Please note that SPACE IS LIMITED – your place in class is not guaranteed until we receive your deposit payment.
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If you wish to pay by Credit Card, please contact the Berthoud Athletic Club front desk to submit your credit card information for processing.
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I hereby waive for myself, my heirs, my child, my executors and administrators forever, all claims for damages against Berthoud Athletic Club (BAC), its officers, directors, shareholders, or agents from, or in any way connected with, any and all injuries which may be suffered on or incurred while participating in activities, whether or not authorized by BAC, or by utilizing any of the facilities at its athletic club, or its premises. This waiver shall be applicable even if my injuries arise from the negligence of BAC, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees or agents.

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